Each session is tailored to suit your needs. The client receives individual attention and integrated therapy such as deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, aromatherapy, Neurokinetic therapy(NKT), Selective functional movement assessment (SFMA), postural analysis, Intraoral massage, and kinesio taping. 





*All Insurance Claims require prescriptions (diagnosis) from a Doctor with a diagnosis in order to be processed. 

** It must be confirmed your health insurance benefits prior to  your first visit us. We do not determine the specifics of your benefits and benefit quote is not a guarantee of payment. You are ultimately responsible for the payment of your account. 

60 minutes

Whiplash injuries are common in car accidents. Some people may feel mental or emotional symptoms as well. Other common injuries include those incurred during sports or on the job.


With a customized treatment plan, I can assist you in your recovery and reduce post-accident pain or discomfort. Provider-approved insurance is accepted.



60 ~ 120 minutes

By nature, massage therapy promotes wellness through the integration of body and mind healing. By facilitating a meditative state or heightened awareness of the present moment, wellness massages are further customized to provide emotional and spiritual balance, bringing with it deep relaxation and clarity.


Time of service fee

New patient initial session: 90 minutes $150

Follow-up/Wellness: 60 minutes $110, 75 minutes $130, 90 minutes $150, 120 minutes $190

*No tipping policy.

5% pre-paid package discount plans (expires 6 months from purchase date). 3 packages and 5 packages plan.

Informed consent