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How do I choose a massage therapist in Vancouver,WA?

Is your sports or lifestyle is causing you to feel stress? Relax and heal with targeted rehabilitation massage.

If you play golf or another sport and are searching for pre- and post-event massages or just general performance maintenance, you can start by finding a licensed massage therapist (MT) in your state. The MTs that will be most helpful to you are ones educated in kinesiology, anatomy, and the body mechanics of a your sport. It also helps to have an MT that maintains professional communication with clients so your progress extends beyond the massage room.

Once you find a suitable MT, they can consider your individual needs to help you relieve tension and stiffness, healing pain points and boosting your performance. Adequate rest and body maintenance are important to any sport, so seeing at MT can help you achieve your personal best athletic capabilities.

Miki Morrow, LMT

pain relief, movement, function

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Miki Morrow, LMT, NKT

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